International Membership

Across the next two years, an International Membership is being created. Chapters in New York and Singapore are already established. Further chapters are being created in Dubai and Delhi.
Members are being invited through the personal recommendation of the existing membership and the club’s Advisory Board.

Along with the chapters of London, New York and Singapore, [plus forthcoming in Dubai and Delhi] Forum is seeking members in the following cities:

• Los Angeles
• San Francisco
• Chicago
• Miami
• Bermuda

• Dublin

• Kuala Lumpur
• Hong Kong
• Shanghai
• ASEAN region

• Sydney

• Mumbai

The 2014 International Forum
Spencer House & Kensington Palace

The 2014 ‘International Forum’ was hosted for 120 Forum members from across the world. The day began with Lord Rothschild welcoming Forum members, followed by speeches from Dr Pippa Malmgren (former economic advisor to the White House), Lord Bell (Chairman, Bell Pottinger), and John Micklethwaith (Editor in Chief) and Dr Adrian Wooldridge (Management Editor) of The Economist. Christoph Mueller (CEO of Aer Lingus) also spoke on behalf of ‘Meet in Ireland’, the co-host of the event. On the Friday morning at The Carlton Club, Mark Haynes Daniell (Chairman, Raffles Family Wealth Trust Pte) concluded the event. The event was kindly supported by Meet in Ireland, Siahaf, and Plantevigne-Dubosquet.

The 2015 International Forum
Spencer House & The Tower of London

Lord Rothschild welcomed the Forum membership to Spencer House. The day's talks were headed by Peter Oborne [former Chief Political Commentator for The Daily Telegraph], followed by Philip Shaw (Chief Economist at Investec) and Mark Haynes Daniell (Chairman, Raffles Family Wealth Trust Pte) and concluded by Zanny Minton Beddoes (Editor-in-Chief of The Economist). Dinner was taken at The Tower of London, following a private view of the Crown Jewels. The after party was held at Annabel's. On the Friday morning, Singapore's High Commissioner, FOO Chi Hsia hosted Forum at the High Commission.

Co-hosts to the International Forum: Investec Wealth & Investment, Meet in Ireland, Sea Island [Georgia, US] and Singapore High Commission.

The 2016 International Forum
Spencer House & Kensington Palace